Player’s Bio

Holly Evans

Nickname: Hols
Hometown: Adelaide, SA
Started playing hockey at 7 years old (chasing my brother around grass fields)
Playing History: SA Suns (2004-2013, 2018); Hockeyroos squad (2010-2012); Hockey SA Best and Fairest (2009, 2015), SASI hockey athlete of the year 2010, Australian Indoor team (2004-2016, 2018)
Favourite Sporting Moment: Winning the 2010 Australian Hockey League with the Southern Suns or debuting for the Hockeyroos with family and friends watching

What do you do in your spare time? Netflix and study (sadly)
Favourite music/band/currently listening too? Beyoncé or Lauren Hill
Your biggest fan: My family and Scott (partner)
All Time Favourite Movie: Any of the Harry Potter world movies (including fantastic beasts)
What is your hockey dream? Hockey is all over TV and that the North East Zuluettes win a premiership.
What inspires you? My family. Equality for women everywhere.
Work/Study: Work as a clinical exercise physiologist and working towards finishing my PhD
Thing that annoys you the most: Slow drivers or slow internet
Funniest teammate: Tough question… Hattie Stand or Em De Brough

Toughest Competition in Hockey One? Brisbane Blaze
What team will the Fire smash? Hopefully all of them but given the calibre of the competition, I’ll settle for any win against as many teams as possible.