Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know exactly when Men’s and Women’s matches will be on?

The breakdown of match times for Men’s and Women’s matches can be found on the following Competition AltiusRT pages.




What is the One Hockey Cup?

New in 2023, the One Hockey Cup, presents an opportunity to celebrate the combined performances of Men’s and Women’s teams from the 7 Hockey One League Franchises. The One Hockey Cup will be awarded to the Club that ranks highest based on the aggregate scores of their Women’s and Men’s teams at the end of the Regular Season (Rounds 1 – 7).

The following explanation has been pulled from the 2023 JDH Hockey One League Regulations;
The One Hockey Cup table stands as a separate competition to the League, and as such, the following points system is applied only to the One Hockey Cup table, and not applied to the League Table/general team standings. The One Hockey Cup results will have no impact on the outcome of the Hockey One League.
1. Clubs will be ranked on the One Hockey Cup table, based on the aggregate scores of the Women’s and Men’s matches on each matchday during the Regular Season (Rounds 1 – 7).
    1.1. matchday results will be awarded as wins, draws, or losses, based on the aggregate score achieved by one Club against another on a single matchday.
        1.1.1. if a single match results in a draw, the Club that wins the shoot-out competition will receive one extra goal on their aggregate matchday goal total.
2. Points on the One Hockey Cup table will be awarded as follows, based on the aggregate score of both matches on a single matchday
    2.1. five points to the winning Club;
    2.2. two points to each Club, in the event of a draw;
    2.3. Zero points to the loser.
    2.4. In circumstances where a match is abandoned, such as under “12. Interruptions to a Match” and the result is deemed to be a draw, two points will be awarded to each team towards their Club’s total for that matchday.
3. At the end of the Regular Season (Rounds 1 – 7) Clubs will be ranked on the One Hockey Cup table according to the number of points each club has accumulated in the regular rounds of the Hockey One Competition.
    3.1. If two or more clubs have the same number of points, these clubs will be ranked according to their respective number of matchdays won.
    3.2. If there remains equality between two or more clubs, then these clubs will be ranked according to their respective goal difference (which means “goals for” less “goals against”).
    3.3. If there remains equality among two or more clubs, then these teams will be ranked according to their respective number of “goals for”.
    3.4. Should there remain equality among two clubs, then the results of the matches played between those clubs will determine the ranking of the tied clubs.
    3.5. If more than two clubs are involved, then a ranking based upon the results of the matches (only) then shall determine their respective position, based on the points awarded in accordance with                                          aforementioned Club Cup 2, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, & 2.4
    3.6 If there remains equality among two or more clubs, then these clubs will be ranked according to the number of Field Goals scored during the regular rounds.
    3.7 If there remains equality among two or more clubs, then these clubs will share the relevant placing on the One Hockey Cup table.
Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets for the Hockey One League 2023 Season are on sale here! Tickets will also be available for sale at the gate for games not sold out in advance. We are expecting many games to sell out prior to game day and strongly encourage fans to buy tickets online in advance.

Memberships, which include tickets to all home games are available here.

The Match Schedule is available here.

How can I support my team?

There are so many ways to get involved! We’d obviously love to see you at our games, but there are plenty of other ways to support your team in between games:

Become a member to get your hands on tickets to your team’s games and merchandise.

Follow your team on social media for the latest updates on players, coaches and upcoming matches.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is a great way to show your support and get your hands on some great merchandise and tickets to all your home games.

Go to your favourite teams home page at INTIX to sign on and support your team!

Where can I watch the games?

Every single game will be broadcast LIVE and free on 7Plus.

With each club having three home matches, fans all over the country will be able to attend matches too.

What are the rules of Hockey One League?

Field goal conversions and a mandatory winner are some of the exciting initiatives to be rolled out for Australia’s new national League, Hockey One.

The rules for the inaugural Hockey One season, which have been ratified by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), are designed and expected to produce fast and highly entertaining hockey that encapsulates the buzz surrounding the new league.

Standard field hockey rules and regulations apply with the exception of the following additions:

– Restricted Team Lists. Teams are restricted to 15 players in total including goal keepers.

– Field Goal Conversions. When a field goal or penalty stroke awarded during field play is scored, the same athlete will have an automatic one-on-one shootout with the goalkeeper for the chance of an extra goal.

– All matches must have a winner. Match points will be given with five points for a win, or two points to each team in the event scores are level at full time. A shootout will then occur, with one point awarded to the winner of the shoot-out. The losing team of a match decided in regular time will receive 0 points.

What’s the fixture?

The season includes a total of 48 games including Finals and the Grand Final. Each team has three home double-header men’s and women’s games, giving local fans the opportunity to experience the Hockey One League first-hand.

The full fixture for Season 3 is available here.

Who owns Hockey One League?

Hockey One League is a collaboration between Hockey Australia and each of the Hockey State or Territory Associations with teams competing: Hockey Queensland, Hockey New South Wales, Hockey ACT, Hockey Tasmania, Hockey Victoria, Hockey South Australia and Hockey WA.

Which teams play in the Hockey One League?

As for season 1, Hockey One League will see seven men’s and seven women’s team compete for glory. The teams are:

Adelaide Fire
Brisbane Blaze
Canberra Chill
HC Melbourne
NSW Pride
Perth Thundersticks
Tassie Tigers