Expansion Project

Hockey One League has formally commenced its process to identify prospective new franchises.

The Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI) is the first phase of what will be a multistage process, with this phase opening today and closing on 19 April 2024.

To register your interest to participate in the Invitation for Expression of Interest phase, please complete the form on this link by 5pm AEDT on 18 March 2024.

The purpose of the Invitation for EOI is to:

  • provide an overview of the Hockey One League and the opportunity to participate in that competition;
  • provide an overview of the Hockey One League application process from the EOI Phase through to the RFP Phase and the contract finalisation phase;
  • determine the level of market interest to participate in a Hockey One League competition;
  • invite interested parties to register with Hockey One to submit an EOI Response so that Hockey One can select a shortlist of Respondents who may be invited to submit a Proposal as part of the RFP Phase;
  • specify the requirements and format for the EOI Response; and
  • provide details of the evaluation criteria and process which will be used to select the Shortlisted Bidders

The objectives of the Invitation for EOI will be to:

  • invite interested parties to respond to the Invitation for EOI and engage with the Application Process; and
  • select, if relevant, the shortlisted Respondents to whom Hockey One intends to issue the Request for Proposal.

At the conclusion of the EOI stage of the process, Hockey One League intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to shortlisted parties (if any) inviting the submission of detailed proposals. Additional information will be provided to shortlisted parties during the RFP phase to assist with their formal detailed proposal, as well as opportunities to meet with the H1 representatives.


The Invitation for EOI is the first phase with the following subsequent phases consisting of the following (with indicative timeframes):

  1. EOI Phase (February to April 2024)
    • May involve interaction during evaluation (e.g. information sessions); and
    • Concludes with an evaluation of EOI Responses.
  2. RFP Phase (May to June 2024)
    • Commences with the release of RFP Documents;
    • Shortlisted respondents may be invited to participate in workshops and Q&A sessions; and
    • Concludes with the receipt of detailed proposals from participating parties.
  3. Assessment & Review Phase (July to August 2024)
    • Commences with the evaluation of proposals;
    • Assessors will provide scores and ranks of each proposal to Hockey One Board for review; and
    • Concludes with the selection of preferred respondents, if any, by Hockey One Board.
  4. Completion Phase (September 2024)
    • Commences with Hockey One and preferred respondents finalising the TPA; and
    • Concludes with announcement of successful respondents, if any.


Hockey One will evaluate each EOI Response having regard to the following:


The extent to which the Respondent demonstrates:

  • A compelling vision for the Hockey One and the club, including the ability to be sustainable, progressive, engaging to the community, and contribute positively to the growth of Australian hockey and player pathways.
  • An understanding of the hockey landscape in Australia, including its opportunities and challenges.
  • A strong vision for game day presentation including community engagement and venue experience.
  • The attitudes, ethics and mindset to underpin a successful long term collaborative relationship with hockey stakeholders.


The extent to which the Respondent demonstrates an understanding and appreciation of the history and culture of hockey in Australia and in the Territory, including clubs and players, national team representation and any participation or connection with that history and culture.


Information on the existing or proposed governance framework and entity structure and its suitability for the vision of the Hockey One.


Existing financial strength or demonstration of the ability to raise finance sufficient to acquire the right to participate in the Hockey One and ensure the sustainable participation that contributes to the growth of the Hockey One.


The extent to which the Respondent demonstrates the capability and experience to operate a semi-professional hockey club.


Information on the stadium/s proposed to be used for participation in the Hockey One League.


Such additional criteria as Hockey One may determine are in the best interests of hockey in Australia.


For any other information, please contact Sash Herceg on sash.herceg@hockeyone.com.au