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HC Melbourne welcomes Quest Flemington Central as a partner

Hockey Club Melbourne today announced Quest Flemington Central as its partner for the second season of Hockey One. Quest Flemington Central has committed to a two-year partnership with HC Melbourne and Hockey Victoria (HV) which will enhance the experience of supporters and fans. Quest Flemington Central serviced apartment style read more »

Garrleigh Trophy Centre on board for HC Melbourne 2021 Season

Victoria’s number one Hockey team, Hockey Club Melbourne has announced its partnership with Garrleigh Trophy Centre ahead the Sultana Bran Hockey One League’s second season due to start in October 2021. After a successful season in 2019 with both Men’s & Women’s teams making the final series, Hockey Club Melbourne is read more »

Sophie Taylor – HC Melbourne Interview

After losing the Grand Final in a heart-breaking shootout, HC Melbourne's Sophie Taylor says they are determined to go one better in Season 2 of the Sultana Bran Hockey One League.


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