Round 3 preview

The Sultana Bran Hockey One League heads to Adelaide for the first time this weekend, while home matches for NSW Pride and Perth Thundersticks head up the remaining matches in Round 3.


The season may only be two rounds in, but this weekend could see the competition split wide open, with some teams having the opportunity to pull ahead at the top end of the ladder, while others are still searching for their first wins.


With players from the Hockeyroos squad unavailable for their respective Sultana Bran Hockey One teams this weekend due to the upcoming Olympic qualifiers against Russia, coupled with a number of the Men’s teams missing players through the Burras’ participation in the Sultan of Johor Cup in Malaysia, it provides a sense of fascination and intrigue to see how the clubs cover their absence.


Opening the round on Saturday, NSW Pride are at home against the Tassie Tigers who are making their first away trip. The Men’s match looms as an early season blockbuster after both teams enjoyed big wins last time out.


NSW Pride Men will be looking to consolidate top spot on the ladder after a decisive 7-0 win against Canberra Chill last week, while the men from Tassie were impressive in disposing of Adelaide Fire 5-1 in Hobart.


Meanwhile, both women’s teams will be out to record their first win. NSW Pride Women went down to Canberra Chill 2-1 in Round 2, with the Tassie Tigers Women beaten 4-0 at home by a red hot Adelaide Fire.


After having the bye in Round 2, Perth Thundersticks are back in action when they host Canberra Chill in the second double header. The Thundersticks Men have had an extra week to mull over their 5-4 loss to HC Melbourne and will be eager to make amends, as will the Chill who will be determined to rebound from their heavy home defeat by NSW Pride.


Canberra Chill Women will be aiming for their third straight win and welcome back experienced duo Anna Flanagan and Meredith Bone for the clash with the Perth Thundersticks Women.


Then on Sunday the City of Churches will see Adelaide Fire entertain the Brisbane Blaze in what are key matches for both clubs’ Men’s and Women’s teams.


Adelaide Fire Women will be looking to remain at the top of the ladder as they attempt to register a third straight win, while the Blaze Women have been close without managing to notch up a victory so far.


Notably, Brisbane Blaze welcome in a number of debutants for the match, including Kendra Fitzpatrick (the younger sister of Hockeyroos duo Madison and Savannah), 16 year old Year 11 student Claire Colwill, and Aleisha Neumann who has officiated at the Australian Hockey League for the past six years.


In contrast, on the men’s side the Adelaide Fire are chasing their first win of the season, while Brisbane Blaze are hoping to maintain their perfect start to their campaign.


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Sultana Bran Hockey One 2019 Season – Round 3 Fixtures


NSW Pride v Tassie Tigers

Saturday 12 October 2019

Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre (NSW) 

Match Start: Men’s 1:00pm local (1:00pm AEDT), Women’s 2:30pm local (2:30pm AEDT)


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NSW Pride Men’s team: 1.Lachlan Sharp, 2.Tom Craig, 5.Ash Thomas (GK), 6.Matthew Dawson (c), 8.Nathanael Stewart, 11.Hayden Dillon, 12.Kurt Lovett, 13.Blake Govers, 18.Tristan White, 19.Jack Hayes, 20.Ky Willott, 22.Flynn Ogilvie, 23.Ryan Proctor, 29.Timothy Brand

In: 20.Ky Willott, 22.Flynn Ogilvie

Out: 24.Dylan Martin (international duty), 26.Ehren Hazell (international duty)


Tassie Tigers Men’s team: Kieron Arthur, Hayden Beltz, Joshua Beltz, James Bourke, Joshua Brooks, Kurt Budgeon, Henry Chambers, Tim Deavin, Eddie Ockenden, Gobindraj Gill, Jeremy Hayward, Nicolas Leslie, Joshua Mardell, Sam McCambridge, Linden McCarthy, Sam McCulloch, Benjamin Read, Oliver Smith, Jack Welch, Grant Woodcock


NSW Pride Women’s team: 2.Sarah Johnston, 5.Jess Parr (GK), 12.Mikaela Patterson, 16.Jessica Watterson, 19.Morgan Blamey, 20.Maddison Smith, 21.Alice Arnott, 22.Kate Jenner, 23.Abigail Wilson, 27.Renae Robinson, 28.Casey Sablowski (c), 29.Courtney Schonell, 31.Emma Spinks, Grace Young

In: 5.Jess Parr (GK), Grace Young

Out: 1.Jocelyn Bartram (GK), 14.Kaitlin Nobbs (international duty)


Tassie Tigers Women’s team: Holly Bonde, Phillida Bridley, Esmee Broekhuizen, Lauren Canning, Jessica Chesterman, Emily Donovan, Jean Flanagan, Nicole Geeves, Molly Haas, Ruby Haywood, Madeleine Hinton, Caashia Karringten, Katerina Lacina, Samantha Lawrence, Sarah McCambridge, Hannah Richardson, Sophie Rockefeller, Isabelle Sharman, Laura Spandler, Amelia Spence



Perth Thundersticks v Canberra Chill

Saturday 12 October 2019

Perth Hockey Stadium at Curtin University (WA)

Match Start: Men’s 2:00pm local (5:00pm AEDT), Women’s 3:30pm local (6:30pm AEDT)


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Perth Thundersticks Men’s team: 1.Brayden King, 3.Tim Geers, 4.Jake Harvie, 5.Frazer Gerrard, 7.Tyler Lovell (GK), 8.Coby Green, 10.Tom Wickham, 14.Liam Flynn, 15.Will Byas, 17.Aran Zalewski, 19.Daniel Robertson, 23.Matthew Fisher, 25.Trent Mitton, 27.Marshall Roberts

In: 19.Daniel Robertson, 23.Matthew Fisher

Out: 6.James Collins (international duty), 9.Dave Gavranich (international duty)


Canberra Chill Men’s team: 2.Ben Staines, 4.James Day, 7.Kazuma Murata, 8.Daniel Conroy, 9.Jamie Hawke, 10.Owen Chivers, 11.Garry Backhus, 12.Jake Staines (c), 13.Manabu Yamashita, 17.Aaron Kershaw, 22.Jay MacDonald, 30.Andrew Charter (GK), Kentaro Fukuda, James Jewell

In: 9.Jamie Hawke, 22.Jay MacDonald

Out: 1.Aaron Knight (international duty), 3.Anand Gupte (international duty)


Perth Thundersticks Women’s team: 1.Phillipa Morgan, 3.Candyce Peacock, 4.Jemma Buckley (c), 6.Jacqui Day, 9.Shanea Tonkin, 11.Rachel Frusher, 14.Roos Broek, 15.Caitlin Pascov, 16.Karri Somerville, 17.Annie Gibbs, 18.Renee Rockliff, 19.Aleisha Power (GK), 29.Agueda Moroni, 30.Chloe Pendlebury

In: 1.Phillipa Morgan

Out: 8.Georgia Wilson (international duty)


Canberra Chill Women’s team: 1.Mikayla Evans, 7.Naomi Evans, 10.Rebecca Lee, 11.Sophie Gaughan, 15.Yui Ishibashi, 16.Shihori Oikawa, 17.Beckie Middleton, 18.Olivia Martin, 19.Anna Flanagan, 25.Tina Taseska, 27.Meredith Bone, 31.Sakiyo Asano (GK), Lucy Balfour, Emily Robson

In: 18.Olivia Martin, 19.Anna Flanagan, 27.Meredith Bone, Lucy Balfour, Emily Robson

Out: 3.Brooke Peris (international duty), 9.Sassie Economos, 12.Aleisha Price, 22.Taylor Thomson, 23.Kalindi Commerford (international duty)



Adelaide Fire v Brisbane Blaze

Sunday 13 October 2019

State Hockey Centre (SA)

Match Start: Women’s 1:00pm local (1:30pm AEDT), Men’s 2:30pm local (3:00pm AEDT)


Tickets: Click here for ticketing details

Broadcast: LIVE and exclusive on Kayo

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Adelaide Fire Women’s team: 1.Linzi Appleyard, 3.Brooklyn Buchecker, 7.Emma De Broughe, 8.Holly Evans, 12.Emily Grist, 13.Sarah Harrison, 15.Euleena Maclachlan, 19.Gabi Nance, 20.Hattie Shand, 21.Miki Spano, 22.Leah Welstead, 23.Gemma McCaw, 25.Kate Denning, 28.Amy Hammond (GK)

In: 1.Linzi Appleyard, 3.Brooklyn Buchecker, 12.Emily Grist, 21.Michaela Spano, 28.Amy Hammond (GK)

Out: 6.Jane Claxton (international duty), 14.Amy Hunt, 17.Karri McMahon (international duty), 21.Miki Spano, 30.Ashlee Wells (GK) (international duty)


Brisbane Blaze Women’s team: 3.Layla Eleison, 4.Ashlea Fey, 6.Morgan Gallagher, 8.Jordyn Holzberger, 9.Jesse Reid, 12. Kendra Fitzpatrick, 14.Meg Pearce, 15.Hannah Astbury (GK), 19.Morgan Mathison, 20.Aleisha Neumann, 22.Britt Wilkinson, 23.Ruby Harris, 24.Claire Colwill, 25.Georgia Hillas

In: 12.Kendra Fitzpatrick (promoted), 20.Aleisha Neumann (promoted), 23.Ruby Harris (promoted), 24.Claire Colwill (promoted)

Out: 1.Savannah Fitzpatrick (international duty), 2.Madison Fitzpatrick (international duty), 5.Rosie Malone (international duty), 10.Madeleine James


Adelaide Fire Men’s team: 7.Scott Germein, 9.Fred Gray, 11.Cameron James, 13.Luke Larwood, 15.Andy Leat, 17.Ryan O’Shea, 18.Al Oliver, 19.Glyn Tamlin, 20.Isaac Farmilo, 21.Simon Wells, 22.Chris Wells, 23.Cameron White, 26.Liam Alexander, 29.Eddie Chittleborough (GK)

In: 7.Scott Germein, 11.Cameron James, 17.Ryan O’Shea, 20.Isaac Farmilo, 26.Liam Alexander

Out: Lachlan Busiko (international duty), Angus Fry, Cameron Joyce, Kota Watanabe, Hirotaka Zandana


Brisbane Blaze Men’s team: 2.Shane Kenny, 3.Corey Weyer, 4.Hugh Pembroke, 5.Scott Boyde, 7.Joel Rintala, 9.Jacob Anderson, 10.Robert Bell, 12.Jake Whetton, 13.Ethan White, 16.Tim Howard, 20.Matt Swann, 23.Daniel Beale, 27.Jared Taylor, 32.Mitchell Nicholson (GK)

In: 2.Shane Kenny (returns), 13.Ethan White (promoted), 20.Matt Swann (returns from injury)

Out: 14.Luke Tyne, 15.Justin Douglas, 26.Dylan Wotherspoon



HC Melbourne – BYE