NSW Pride Ready to Take on New Hockey One League

Hockey NSW today announces the launch of the NSW Pride who will represent the state in the exciting new Hockey One competition which was revealed by Hockey Australia today.

Hockey One represents a major shift for Hockey in Australia as a re-imagined elite domestic league and entertainment product that puts fans first, with a new concept, new format, new club identities, new rule innovations and new access for fans with three home matches for every club. In more exciting news for fans, Kayo Sports, Australia’s multi-sport streaming service will show games live with the finals also to be televised live on FOX SPORTS.

NSW Pride are one of seven new club identities from Australia’s major cities who will participate in the inaugural Hockey One, unifying the state’s male and female teams under the same club name.

The NSW Pride will host three home-and-away matches at the Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre – nicknamed “The Lion’s Den” – with our male and female teams always playing double-headers, in a major win for fans.

Hockey NSW CEO David Thompson explained the rationale behind the club’s new identity.

“Our logo and colours are predominantly inspired by the NSW flag. We wanted to ignite excitement and passion while also linking back to traditional State roots.

“The name Pride evokes a feeling of community, strength and fierceness. A lion’s pride is a close-knit group where all are welcome to join and share their passion for hockey together.

“However, if anyone goes against the pride, they are in for a big fight. When the pride is on the hunt, their prey (other teams) don’t stand a chance.”

Thompson added that the NSW Pride are excited about a new era for Hockey in Australia as an inaugural participant in Hockey One.

“Hockey One will be an exciting endeavour for our sport and give it visibility, the likes of which we haven’t had before.

“NSW have had a proud and successful history over many years in our top-flight competitions, and we hope that the NSW Pride will continue this tradition.

“We want everyone in the state to get behind the team and take our rightful place as the biggest and best club in Hockey One.”

Hockey Australia CEO Matt Favier said: “This is a significant and exciting announcement for Hockey in Australia as we strive to put fans first and showcase everything that is great about our game with this ambitious new league, Hockey One.

“The feedback we received from numerous surveys and research conducted in recent years with Australian Hockey fans, players and officials has shown there is an appetite for a new approach to our domestic Hockey league, much like other sports have adopted such as cricket’s Big Bash League.

“We’ve worked with our Member Associations on their club identities which are fantastic and full of life and colour. They are sure to engage existing Hockey fans and the next generation.

“Hockey as a game is a fantastic entertainment product and we want to showcase that to the wider Australian public through Hockey One. Our slogan is it’s ‘Real Hockey. Reimagined’.”

The NSW Pride will be releasing details around their foundation memberships shortly and will actively be engaging with the NSW hockey community to further build the club identity. The NSW Pride will be asking fans to choose the club’s tagline as well as naming their new mascot.

Hockey NSW is currently seeking applications for the NSW Pride head coach roles and will be announcing the successful candidates shortly.

Follow the NSW Pride on social media via the @NSWPrideH1 handle to stay up-to-date on announcements regarding player signings, coach appointments and our inaugural Hockey One fixtures.