Goldfields Explosives back Perth Thundersticks’ Rachel Frusher

Perth Thundersticks and Hockey WA are pleased to welcome Goldfields Explosives as a Perth Thundersticks Player Partner for Women’s captain Rachel Frusher off the back of a successful 2023 season.

Frusher and the Perth Thundersticks women’s team had a solid campaign during the 2023 JDH Hockey One season, starting strong with a five-game winning streak, becoming the first team in the competition to qualify for the Finals Series, and winning their second consecutive bronze medal.

Since 2018, Goldfields Explosives has been providing support to the Australian mining industry by providing blasting solutions and has rapidly grown to become a serious supplier in the explosives industry.

Goldfields Explosives is 100% Australian owned and uses locally sourced products, services and employs local people, with the vision of supporting local businesses and keeping Australian dollars in Australia.

“Goldfields Explosives are proud and excited to have the opportunity to enter into a partnership with Rachel Frusher and Hockey WA,” said Goldfields Explosives managing director, Peter Kavanagh.

“We look forward to seeing the team strive for excellence in 2024 and beyond.”

For more information, visit Goldfields Explosives.

The Perth Thundersticks Player Partnership program provides an opportunity for individuals and businesses to show support of our WA hockey stars.

While small in investment, Player Partnerships are big in impact, with your support flowing directly into the pockets of players, in addition to supporting the overall Perth Thundersticks program.

By becoming a Player Partner, you will receive numerous promotional and entertainment benefits, which will be announced closer to the Hockey One season.