Corey Weyer blitzes the competition on the Chemist Warehouse Blaze Tracker in Round 6

Corey ‘Wiz’ Weyer is having a blistering season with the Blaze, this week covering a dizzying 8.2km and whilst also topping the sprint and velocity charts.

Three Blaze Men reached peak velocity of 8m/second against the Chill in Jake Whetton, Luke Randle and Corey Weyer.

Meanwhile Claire Colwill continues to top the Chemist Warehouse Blaze Tracker each week with another Best Allrounder under her belt, with Hannah Cullum-Sanders’ top velocity at 7.9m/s! With the Jillaroos now preparing for the Junior World Cup in Chile, these results show just how much of an impact these two will make at the JWC.


Corey Weyer

Endurance Machine

Highest Distance Covered – 8.2km (team avg. 6.19 km)

Sprinting Metres – 809m

Equal highest peak velocity – 8.0 metres per second (equal with Jake and Diarmid)


Claire Colwill

Best Allrounder

Highest Work Rate 133 m/min (huge!) (Team avg. 112 m/min)

Highest Distance Covered 5.67km (Team avg. 5.12km)

Sprinting Distance 430m (Team avg. 312m)


Jake Whetton

Sprint Machine 

Equal highest peak velocity – 8.0 metres per second (equal with Corey Weyer and Diarmid Chappell)


Hannah Cullum-Sanders

Sprint Machine 

Highest Sprinting Distance 537m (Team avg. 312m)

Equal highest peak velocity – 7.9 metres per second