Brisbane Blaze Announces Partnership with Panasonic Air Conditioning

The Brisbane Blaze is delighted to unveil an exciting partnership with Panasonic Air Conditioning. 

This exciting collaboration is set to elevate the Blaze’s presence on and off the field, providing a wealth of opportunities for both organizations.

The partnership will culminate this season during the Blaze’s final home game on November 19th, when they face off against the Perth Thundersticks. This game, presented by Panasonic Air Conditioning, promises to be a spectacular event, featuring a VIP function on the same day. More details will be made available soon for this event.

As part of the partnership, the Panasonic Air Conditioning logo will proudly adorn the Blaze’s playing uniforms, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to the team and the sport.

Additionally, the Panasonic Air Conditioning logo will be prominently displayed throughout the venue, offering heightened visibility to the countless fans and supporters who flock to witness the Blaze in action.

In response to this collaboration, Terry Machin released a statement, expressing their enthusiasm for the alliance. “We’re passionate about connecting the Panasonic quality brand with grassroots sport and supporting the Hockey Queensland community. As a proud hockey player of many decades, and member of my local hockey club here in Brisbane, this partnership is very exciting for us.”

Alison Lyons, CEO of Hockey Queensland Brisbane Blaze, also shared her excitement about this partnership. “To be supported by such a prominent and trusted brand from our hockey community is very exciting for the Brisbane Blaze,” said Lyons. This partnership promises to bring new opportunities and experiences to our fans, players, and supporters.”

About Panasonic Air Conditioning

Panasonic Air Conditioning have a large specialist contractor network within Queensland, NSW and ACT. For more information, Terry Machin can be reached on 0413 625 093 or

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