2023 Tigers Playing Squads

Congratulations to this elite group who have been selected to represent Tasmania at the highest level! These Tigers have been training hard and are getting well prepared ahead of the 2023 Hockey One season, which they are confident will be a great success this year for both the men and women!

Stephen McMullen is “very happy with the selected squad, who are a great mix of youth and experience. There are 5 current Kookaburra’s and a further 3 ex-international players totalling over 1,000 games of international experience and potentially 5 debuts ”

Tim Strapp is also “really pleased with the squad he has put together. The athletes have been working hard over over the last six weeks, I have been pleased with how quickly the girls have learnt the technical and tactical behaviours we want to see as a team.”

Men’s Squad:

 Joshua Beltz
 Hayden Beltz
 Joshua Brooks
 Henry Chambers
 Tim Deavin
 Jeremy Edwards
 Gobindraj Gill
 Jeremy Hayward
 Ehren Hazell
 Ruben Hoey
 Maxwell Larkin
 Josh Mardell
 Magnus McCausland
 Samuel McCulloch
 Tyler McDonald
 Joseph Murphy
 Eddie Ockenden
 Lachlan Rogers
 Alex Shaw
 Ewan Vickery
 Jack Welch
 Alistair White


Women’s Squad:

 Phillida Bridley
 Esmee Broekhuizen
 Maddison Brooks
 Taylor Brooks
 Lauren Canning
 Madison Clark
 Lucy Cooper
 Evelyn Dalton
 Beth Dobbie
 Emily Donovan
 Janelle Featherstone
 Zayna Jackson
 jemma kenworthy
 Isabelle Kruimink
Kathryn Lane
 Louise Maddock
 Pipi Martos
 Sarah McCambridge
Lucy Millington
 Isabelle Sharman
 Camila Vaughan
Jade Smith