Player’s Bio

Tyler Lovell

Nickname: TL, Big T
Hockey Club: YMCC
Junior Hockey Club: Kalamunda
Playing position: GK

Do you have any pets? 1 dog called Austin
Who is your sporting idol? Steve Waugh / Damon Deletti
Where do you keep your sauce – pantry or fridge? Fridge
What is your biggest pet peeve? Stacking the dishwasher incorrectly
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? The goal you just conceded might not lose the game, but if you are still thinking about that goal and let another goal in, that one might lose you the game – Jason Duff
Dockers or Eagles? Mighty Eagles
What’s your go to karaoke song? Roby Williams, Let me entertain you.
Would you rather only whisper or only scream for the rest of your life? Scream
What is your secret talent? Scoring goals
My favourite sports team is… Men’s Australian Cricket Team
My favourite movie is… Gladiator
My favourite social media platform is… Instagram
My favourite dessert is… Ice Cream, well any desert really
My favourite season is… Summer
My favourite holiday destination is… Anywhere warm
When I’m not playing hockey, I am… Father / Husband / Sales Manager