Player’s Bio

Michaela Spano

Nickname: Miki
Hometown: Adelaide, SA
Started playing hockey at 8 years old
Playing History: Debut for Hockeyroos March 2019, Junior World Cup Bronze Medal w Jillaroos, State U12-AHL, SASI Hockey Player of the year x 2, Rising Star Hockey SA x 2, Highest Goal Scorer, Team of the Year Hockey SA x 3
Favourite Sporting Moment: Winning the premiership this year 2019 for Adelaide peas and debuting for the Hockeyroos and playing in the ProLeague.
What do you do in your spare time? Study, yoga, go to the beach. Play with my sisters puppy Maia.
Favourite music/band/currently listening too? I love all types of music dance, rap, indie. Gang of Youths, Tones and I, Black Eyed Peas, Eminem.
Your biggest fan: My mother and grandmother
All Time Favourite Movie: Home Alone
What is your hockey dream? Play in an Olympic games. (Tokyo or Paris)
What inspires you? My family, and other sporting people
Notable achievements outside of hockey: Nope, all my achievements are from hockey. I did used to swim for the state
Work/Study: Yep. I study part time at UniSA – Business and Human Resource Management
Thing that annoys you the most: When the keepers take too long to get ready and miss their warmup and make us push at them in the first shooting drill. And people who complain constantly about everything at training.
Funniest teammate: Emily Grist

Toughest Competition in Hockey One? I think Hockey Club Melbourne and ACT. With the Hockeyroos being pulled from the competition for the next few games for qualifications I feel like a lot of teams will be weakened quite dramatically.
What team will the Fire smash? Them all