Player’s Bio

James Collins

Nickname: Jimmy
Age: 23
First Hockey Club: Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club
Current Hockey Club: Victoria Park Xavier Hockey Club
Age you started playing: 5
Highest level of hockey that you’ve played in: International (Kookaburras)
Your favourite hockey memory? My favourite hockey memory is debuting for the Kookaburras in front of friends and family at Perth Hockey Stadium.
Your chosen ‘pump-up’ song: Recently I’ve enjoyed Prada – Casso, RAYE, D-Black Europe
You go-to coffee order: Small long mac topped up
Your favourite show to binge-watch: I love too many TV shows but I enjoy binge-watching The Mentalist and The Office US.
What are you most excited for this Hockey One season? I’m excited to play some high-level games in front of our home crowd.

James Collins is proudly supported by Henry M’s.