Player’s Bio

Jade Vanderzwan

Nickname: Jadey
Hockey club: Melville
Junior hockey club: Melville
Playing position: Striker

Pets: Dog (Kombi), Bird (Loui)
Sauce: Sauce goes in the pantry!!!!
Biggest pet peeve: When people don’t use indicators
What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given: Don’t ever stop learning and let yourself grow as a person, setbacks will not define the rest of your life.
Dockers or Eagles: EAGLES

Would you rather only whisper or only scream for the rest of your life? Would rather whisper for the rest of my life.

My favourite movie is: Harry potter
Favourite social media platform: Instagram
My favourite dessert is: Doughnuts
My favourite season is: Summer
My favourite holiday destination: Europe

If I could be on a reality TV show it would be: Love island
When I am not playing hockey I am: Napping
If I could swap lives with anyone for a day it would be: Someone in the Jenner family
In my fridge you will always find: Milk
3 things take on a dessert island: Blanket, food, water
Most embarrassing thing on the hockey field: Breaking my collarbone from falling over.
Proudest moment on the hockey field: Making the grand final in U18’s beating QLD in shootouts and scoring my 1on1.