Player’s Bio

Gemma McCaw

Nickname: Gem
Hometown: Tauranga, NZ
Started playing hockey at 5 years old
Playing History: New Zealand National Team 2008 – 2016, Beijing, London and Rio Olympics
Favourite Sporting Moment: Playing in the Olympic semi-finals in 2012 and 2016

What do you do in your spare time? Down time being a mum?!
Favourite music/band/currently listening too? Fleetwood Mac!
Your biggest fan: Nana
All Time Favourite Movie: Walk the Line
What is your hockey dream? Olympic Gold!
What inspires you? My daughter
Work/Study: Yes, on Health + Wellbeing company part-time
Thing that annoys you the most: People
Funniest teammate: Gabi Nance

Toughest Competition in Hockey One? Hockey Club Melbourne
What team will the Fire smash? Everyone