Player’s Bio

Coby Green

Hockey Club: UWA
Junior Hockey Club: Boyanup Hockey Club
Playing position: Midfield

Do you have any pets? I have a Great Dane named Shaq
Who is your sporting idol? Lebron James
Where do you keep your sauce – pantry or fridge? Definitely pantry
Dockers or Eagles? Back to back premiers
What’s your go to karaoke song? Let it go – Frozen soundtrack

My favourite sports team is… LA Lakers
My favourite movie is… Happy Gilmore
My favourite holiday destination is… Amsterdam

If I could be on any reality TV show, it would be… Friends
When I’m not playing hockey, I am… Working yeet
In my fridge, you will always find…A can of coca-cola
Proudest moment on the hockey field… Gold Medal at first U16 Nationals