Opportunities for teams to stake their claim in Round 3

Two rounds in and the JDH Hockey One League 2023 Season is in full swing ahead of a massive Round 3 of fascinating double header fixtures.

The Tassie Tigers welcome the Perth Thundersticks to the Tasmanian Hockey Centre tomorrow night to start the round.

Coming off the bye, Hockeyroos defender Penny Squibb will make her first appearance for the Thundersticks this season, while Tassie Women have made three changes to their line up as they search for their first goal…and win of the campaign.

Perth Thundersticks Men head into their clash without Round 1 hat-trick hero James Day and former Kookaburra Trent Mitton, although they are ably replaced by Alistair Murray and Brodee Foster.

Then on Saturday it’s Adelaide Fire against Canberra Chill at MATE Stadium. Canberra Chill is the only team not to register a point to date in the Men’s competition. Last season’s semi finalists head to Adelaide to face a Fire team brimming with confidence after recording their first ever league win last Friday night.

Star Adelaide Fire off season recruit Brooke Peris is set to run out for her first match of the season, the Hockeyroo’s inclusion one of four changes to the Fire side that narrowly lost to HC Melbourne.

NSW Pride and HC Melbourne will lock horns in the highly anticipated Sunday fixture at the Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre.

Last year’s champions in the Men’s and Women’s, both NSW Pride teams started their title defences in ominous fashion, defeating Brisbane Blaze away from home last weekend.

Chelsea Holmes and Grace Jeffrey will make their NSW Pride debuts in place of Hockeyroos duo Jocelyn Bartram and Grace Stewart, while Kookaburra Lachlan Sharp has been included in the Pride Men’s team.

HC Melbourne’s teams have both made two changes, the women’s team looking to continue their perfect start to the season.

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JDH Hockey One League 2023 Season – Round 3 Fixtures
Tassie Tigers v Perth Thundersticks
Friday 20 October 2023
Tasmanian Hockey Centre
Start Times: Women’s 6:30pm local (6:30pm AEDT), Men’s 8:00pm local (8:00pm AEDT)
Tickets: Click here for ticketing details
Broadcast: LIVE and free on 7plus #TIGvPTX #HockeyOne
Umpires: Rhiannon Murrie and Emily Carroll (Women’s), Jayden Pearson and Aaron Kitchener (Men’s)

 Tassie Tigers Women’s team: 1.Sarah McCambridge (c), 3.Lucy Millington, 4.Maddison Brooks, 5.Taylor Brooks, 7.Jade Smith, 9.Emily Donovan, 12.Louise Maddock, 13.Phillida Bridley, 15.Lucy Cooper, 16.Maddison Clark, 17.Kathryn Lane, 20.Beth Dobbie, 21.Lauren Canning, 25.Evelyn Dalton (gk), 29.Belen D’Esposito
Ins: 20.Beth Dobbie, 25.Evelyn Dalton (gk), 29.Belen D’Esposito
Outs: 2.Jemma Kenworthy, 11.Isabelle Sharman, 23.Camila Vaughan (gk)

Perth Thundersticks Women’s team: 1.Pippa Morgan, 3.Neasa Flynn, 6.Sarah Byrnes, 7.Penny Squibb, 8.Georgia Wilson, 9.Shanea Tonkin, 10.Jesse Reid, 11.Rachel Frusher (c), 12.Liné Malan, 14.Elizabeth Duguid (gk), 15.Belle Ramshaw, 17.Annie Gibbs, 18.Renee Rockliff, 19.Georgina Dowd, 24.Britney DeSilva
Ins: 7.Penny Squibb, 24.Britney DeSilva
Outs: 13.Lexie Pickering, 22.Anna Roberts

 Tassie Tigers Men’s team: 3.Alex Shaw, 4.Hayden Beltz (c), 6.Josh Brooks, 7.Josh Mardell, 8.Joseph Murphy, 9.Jeremy Edwards, 12.Sam McCulloch, 14.Jack Welch, 19.Tim Deavin, 20.Ehren Hazell, 25.Max Larkin (gk), 27.Gobindraj Gill, 28.Lachlan Rogers, 30.Alistair White, 32.Jeremy Hayward
Ins: –
Outs: –

Perth Thundersticks Men’s team: 1.Matthew Bird, 2.Will Battistessa, 3.Tim Geers, 4.Jake Harvie, 5.Tom Wickham, 11.Tom Harvie, 12.Alistair Murray, 13.Brayden King, 14.Matthew Willis, 15.Liam Flynn, 16.Brodee Foster, 17.Aran Zalewski (c), 18.Ben Rennie (gk), 23.Cambell Geddes, 26.James Collins
Ins: 12.Alistair Murray, 16.Brodee Foster
Outs: 9.James Day, 25.Trent Mitton 

Adelaide Fire v Canberra Chill
Saturday 21 October 2023
MATE Stadium
Start Times: Women’s 6:00pm local (6:30pm AEDT), Men’s 7:30pm local (8:00pm AEDT)
Tickets: Click here for ticketing details
Broadcast: LIVE and free on 7plus #ADLvCCH #HockeyOne
Umpires: Iris Milham and Deborah O’Connell (Women’s), Aaron Gotting and Jim Unkles (Men’s)

Adelaide Fire Women’s team: 2.Brittany Wang, 5.Holly Evans-Gill, 6.Euleena Maclachlan (c), 8.Miki Spano, 10.Carly Hoffmann, 11.Lucy Sharman, 12.Erin Cameron, 13.Hattie Shand, Chloe Holland, 15.Brooke Peris, 17.Katie Sharkey, 18.Anna Crowley, 21.Amy Hammond (gk), 25.Jane Claxton, 26.Linzi Appleyard
Ins: 10.Carly Hoffmann, Chloe Holland, 15.Brooke Peris, 21.Amy Hammond (gk)
Outs: 3.Sherilyn Cass, 9.Marjolein Ceulen, 22.Zoe Newman (gk), 27.Gabriella Mitreska

Canberra Chill Women’s Team: 2.Katie Mullan, 5.Claudia Johnston, 6.Roisin Upton, 7.Naomi Evans (c), 8.Sarah Hawkshaw, 11.Tamsin Bunt, 13.Edwina Bone, 16.Georgie Smithers, 17.Kaitlin Cotter, 18.Olivia Martin, 21.Mikaela Patterson, 23.Kalindi Commerford, 25.Lauren Yee, 28.Catriona Bailey-Price, 32.Rene Hunter (gk)
Ins: 13.Edwina Bone, 18.Olivia Martin
Outs: 14.Emily Robson, 29.Madeline Dooley

Adelaide Fire Men’s team: 1.Kieran Govers, 2.Connor Richmond-Spouse, 3.Lucas Toonen, 4.Jack Holland, 6.Matthew Magann, 7.Peter Scott, 9.Fred Gray (c), 10.Lachlan Arneil, 11.Kyton Rayner, 12.Mitchell Dell, 13.Alastair Oliver, 14.Fraser Heigh, 17.Charl Ulrich, 21.Jed Snowden (gk), 25.Jethro Eustice
Ins: 13.Alastair Oliver
Outs: 16.Hugh Snowden

Canberra Chill Men’s Team: 2.Ben Staines, 4.Jaume Torras, 5.Jesse Absolom, 6.Connor Tuddenham, 8.Sean Baker, 9.Jamie Hawke, 10.Owen Chivers, 11.Garry Backhus, 12.Jake Staines, 15.Hayden Dillon (c), 22.Jay Macdonald, 24.Davis Atkin, 26.James Jewel, 27.Max Robson (gk), 33.Rupinder Pal Singh
Ins: 5.Jesse Absolom, 27.Max Robson (gk)
Outs: 17.Aiden Dooley, 32.Brendan Hill (gk)

NSW Pride v HC Melbourne
Sunday 22 October 2023
Sydney Olympic Park Hockey Centre
Start Times: Women’s 1:30pm local (1:30pm AEDT), Men’s 3:00pm local (3:00pm AEDT),
Tickets: Click here for ticketing details
Broadcast: LIVE and free on 7plus #NSWvHCM #HockeyOne
Umpires: Michelle Farnill and Cassidy Gallagher (Women’s), Zeke Newman and Ben De Young (Men’s)

NSW Pride Women’s team: 1.Alice Arnott, 7.Laura Reid, 8.Greta Hayes, 10.Chelsea Holmes, 12.Grace Jeffrey (gk), 13.Sarah Johnston, 14.Makayla Jones, 16.Alana Kavanagh, 20.Kaitlin Nobbs, 24.Maddison Smith, 25.Emma Spinks, 27.Kendelle Tait, 30.Mariah Williams (c), 31.Abby Wilson, 32.Grace Young
Ins: 10.Chelsea Holmes, 12.Grace Jeffrey (gk)
Outs: 3.Jocelyn Bartram (gk), 26.Grace Stewart

HC Melbourne Women’s team: 2.Aisling Utri, 3.Nicola Hammond, 4.Amy Lawton, 5.Krissy Bates, 6.Josie Lawton, 7.Ciara Utri, 9.Carly James, 10.Rosario Villagra, 11.Joanne Peeters, 13.Megan Alakus, 14.Laura Barden, 15.Olivia Downes, 23.Samantha Snow, 25.Hannah Gravenall (c), 27.Rachael Lynch (gk)
Ins: 9.Carly James, 23.Samantha Snow
Outs: 8.Jessie Dean, 12.Emily Hamilton-Smith

NSW Pride Men’s team: 1.Lachlan Sharp, 2.Tom Craig, 5.Ash Thomas (gk), 7.Daine Richards, 8.Nathanael Stewart, 9.Nathan Czinner, 13.Blake Govers, 14.Dylan Martin, 15.Miles Davis, 19.Jack Hayes (c), 20.Ky Willott, 22.Flynn Ogilvie, 28.Sam Gray, 29.Tim Brand, 32.Callum Mackay
Ins: 1.Lachlan Sharp
Outs: 34.Thomas Miotto

HC Melbourne Men’s team: 1.Craig Marais, 4.Liam Henderson, 5.Douglas Buckley, 6.Damon Steffens (c), 7.Nathan Ephraums, 8.Lachlan Steinfort, 10.Brad Marais, 11.Cooper Burns, 12.Connar Otterbach, 14.James Knee, 15.Josh Simmonds, 18.Johan Durst (gk), 19.Jordan Rees, 20.Nye Roberts, 22.Ben White
Ins: 14.James Knee, 19.Jordan Rees
Outs: 9.Nathan Copey, 13.Jayshaan Randhawa

Brisbane Blaze – BYE