NSW Pride welcomes Hello Sunday Morning on board as charity partner

The NSW Pride are pleased to announce that we have joined forces with not-for-profit organisation Hello Sunday Morning for the 2019 season. The partnership affords Hello Sunday Morning full sponsorship rights, which includes a range of benefits including a prominent placement on the sleeve of our uniforms.

Hello Sunday Morning wants to change the Australia’s relationship with alcohol, one Sunday at a time. Hello Sunday Morning is a movement towards a better drinking culture and their vision is a world where drinking is an individual choice, not an expectation.

Their main aim to promote healthy and positive conversations about drinking, and provide support to those who want to change their habits, along with their family and friends.

The NSW Pride understands that sport and alcohol consumption are often intrinsically linked. From celebrations to spectating, alcohol is nearly always involved. In forming this partnership, we want to encourage fans across NSW to consider their relationship with alcohol and how it could be healthier or more positive.

David Thompson, Hockey NSW CEO, says that he is excited by the partnership and hopes it leads to some constructive conversations in the hockey community.

“We have always promoted strong community connections and healthy life-choices to our participants and fans, so this partnership seems like a natural fit for the NSW Pride.

“One thing we have always prided ourselves on is the fact we have never accepted sponsorship from alcohol companies. We want to ensure that any of our partnerships align with our organisational values and positively impact our community.”

Chris Raine, CEO and Founder, Hello Sunday Morning said they are delighted to be involved with Hockey NSW, the NSW Pride and it’s growing community of players and supporters.

“Over the last ten years, Hello Sunday Morning has come to understand the importance of building connections with other people and adopting healthier life-habits for those who want to change their relationship with alcohol.

“We are grateful for NSW Pride’s generous support of our organisation and for gifting us the privilege of a sponsorship package for this coming season.”

For more information on Hello Sunday Morning and their support services, please click here.