NSW Pride Announces 2019 Squads for Hockey One

The NSW Pride has announced its extended squads for the inaugural season of Hockey One which begins in October around the country.

The NSW Pride is one of seven new clubs taking part in the competition during late 2019 and brings together our male and female teams under the one combined identity.

The NSW Pride teams will be coached by Australian hockey legends Katrina Powell and Brent Livermore, who have had significant success both as players and coaches for over 30 years.

Livermore is excited about the opportunity to lead the NSW Pride into Hockey One later this year.

“I’m looking forward to the challenge of coaching this squad and our talented NSW athletes in this new league.

“Hockey One will be a showcase event for hockey in Australia ahead of next year’s FIH Pro-League and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

The extended squad will be cut to 40 athletes (20 male and 20 female) on August 30th.


NSW Pride Female Squad:

Alice ARNOTT (Tamworth)

Jocelyn BARTRAM (Sydney East)

Morgan BLAMEY (North West Sydney)

Tamsin BUNT (Bathurst)

Emily CHALKER (Crookwell)

Naomi DUNCAN (Metropolitan South West)

Andrea GILLARD (North West Sydney)

Kate HANNA (Northern Sydney & Beaches)

Greta HAYES (North West Sydney)

Jaime HEMMINGWAY (Manning Valley)

Rene HUNTER (Lithgow)

Grace JEFFREY (Central Coast)

Kate JENNER (Tamworth)

Sarah JOHNSTON (Northern Sydney & Beaches)

Hannah KABLE (North West Sydney)

Georgina MORGAN (Tamworth)

Kaitlin NOBBS (Sydney East)

Jess PARR (Newcastle)

Mikaela PATTERSON (North Wets Sydney)

Lexie PICKERING (North West Sydney)

Ranae ROBINSON (Illawarra South Coast)

Casey SABLOWSKI (Illawarra south Coast)

Courtney SCHONELL (Metropolitan South West)

Emma SCRIVEN (Northern Sydney & Beaches)

Molly SIMPSON (Northern Sydney & Beaches)

Maddison SMITH (Illawarra South Coast)

Emma SPINKS (Central Coast)

Grace STEWART (Illawarra South Coast)

Helena TOBBE (Illawarra South Coast)

Jessica WATTERSON (Bathurst)

Mariah WILLIAMS (Parkes)

Abigail WILSON (North West Sydney)

Grace YOUNG (Sydney South)


NSW Pride Male Squad:

Liam ALEXANDER (Central Coast)

Brady ANDERSON (Illawarra South Coast

Tim BRAND (North West Sydney)

Tom BROWN (North West Sydney)

Berkeley-John BRUTON (Newcastle)

Lain CARR (Central Coast)

Tom CRAIG (North West Sydney)

Ben CRAIG (North West Sydney)

Matthew DAWSON (Newcastle)

Hayden DILLON (Lithgow)

Isaac FARMILO (Tamworth)

Matthew FLEMING (North West Sydney)

Blake GOVERS (Illawarra South Coast)

Kieran GOVERS (Illawarra South Coast)

Sam GRAY (North West Sydney)

Jack HAYES (Illawarra South Coast)

Ehren HAZELL (Tamworth)

Nick HOLAMN (Central Coast)

Matthew JOHNSON (Sydney South)

Sam LILES (Tamworth)

Kurt LOVETT (Parkes)

Alex MACKAY (Illawarra South Coast)

Callum MACKAY (Illawarra South Coast)

Dylan MARTIN (Central Coast)

Thomas MIOTTO (Illawarra South Coast)

Flunn OGILVIE (Illawarra south Coast)

Ryan PROCTOR (Metropolitan South West)

Daine RICHARDS (Illawarra South Coast)

Lachlan SHARP (North West Sydney)

Nathaneal STEWART (Metropolitan South West)

Ash THOMAS (North West Sydney)

Rory WALKER (Newcastle)

Tristan WHITE (Illawarra South Coast)

Matthew WILLIS (Tamworth)

Ky WILLOTT (Newcastle)