Naomi Evans with the winning touch again  

Women’s: Canberra Chill 2 def Tassie Tigers 1

Men’s: Tassie Tiger 6 def Canberra Chill 2


After two rounds away the Canberra Chill were back at home to take on the Tassie Tigers in two must win games.

The women were up first and after a toughly contested first quarter the score was 0-0. Early in the second quarter the Tassie Tigers converted a penalty corner with a touch on the post from Lauren Canning. For the remainder of the second quarter the Canberra Chill controlled the play and finished the half with a deflection goal from Naomi Evans. Evans backed it up scoring a skillful conversion to enter half time 2-1.

The second half was full of opportunities for both teams, however goalkeepers Sakiyo Asano and Ruby-Rose Gibson-Haywood were too good and the game finished 2-1. The win sees the Canberra Chill keep their hopes of a home semifinal alive.

In the men’s game, Tassie Tigers star Eddie Ockenden came out firing scoring two goals in the first quarter. Canberra Chill goalkeeper Andrew Charter was too good and Ockenden was unable to capitalize his conversion opportunities. The second quarter saw the Tassie Tigers increase their lead with Jeremy Hayward scoring a penalty corner flick past Chill defender Aaron Kershaw.

The Canberra Chill started the second half strong with Kentaro Fukuda scoring both a field goal and conversion. The Tassie Tigers didn’t let the Canberra Chill relax answering Fukuda’s goals with a field goal from Sam McCambridge two minutes later, but again Charter was too good and McCambridge did not convert.

Tassie Tigers goalkeeper Henry Chambers was the star of the final quarter, making some impressive saves to keep the Tassie Tigers comfortable lead. The Tassie Tigers finished the game as they started, with a goal to Eddie Ockenden, who was able to finally get a conversion past Charter. The Tassie Tigers go home winners 6-2.

Next round sees the Canberra Chill travel to Adelaide to take on the Adelaide Fire.

Women’s Match Details

Canberra Chill 2 (Evans 30’/30’)

Tassie Tigers 1 (Canning 19’)

Men’s Match Details

Canberra Chill 2 (Kentaro 31’/31’)

Tassie Tigers 6 (Ockenden 4’/15’/53’/53’, Hayward 24’, McCambridge 33’)