Jacob Anderson is a Sprint Machine on the Chemist Warehouse Blaze Tracker

We all knew Jacob Anderson had a HUGE day on the field with 4 goals, topping the Highest Scorers Ladder in the JDH Hockey One League, but now we can see just how much of an impact he had on Sunday – A team-topping 940 metres of sprinting and the most High Intensity Efforts!

Rosie Malone was literally everywhere covering 5.9km with the highest Work Rate at 110metres per minute!

Here are some of our standouts from Sunday on the Chemist Warehouse Blaze Tracker with thanks to the Queensland Academy of Sport.


Jacob Anderson

Sprint Machine

940 metres of sprinting (Team average – 727m)

Highest number of High Intensity Efforts – 32 (Team average – 18)


Rosie Malone

Endurance Weapon

Highest Work Rate – 110 m/min

Most Metres covered – 5.9km


Will Mathison


Work Rate 142 metres per minute (Team Average of 121 m/min)


Hannah Cullum-Sanders

Sprint Machine

604 metres of sprinting (Team average – 359m)

Most High Intensity Efforts – 22


Tatum Stewart

Power House

Highest Peak Velocity – 7.8 metres per second