Following the announcement of the Canberra Chill men’s and women’s final squads, the Canberra Chill would like an update on some key players.

Unfortunately, due to an injury, Canberra Chill player #5, Andrew Charter will be unavailable for the entirety of the 2023 Hockey One season. We wish Andrew all the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him on the field for the Kookaburras and Canberra Chill in the not-too-distant future.

On behalf of Hockey ACT and the Canberra Chill, we would like to recognise and wish the best of luck to two of our long tenured Canberra Lakers/Strikers/Chill players who have made difficult decisions to participate in the Hockey One League with different franchises in 2023.

Canberra Chill player #10, James Day has made the difficult decision to play with the Perth Thundersticks this year. Day has found work pressures, and taking the sufficient time away from work that playing for the Chill requires, to be too difficult.

“To play for Perth, I only needed to take one day off work for the rounds, where to play for the Chill, I would have had to have a couple of weeks leave,” Day said.

“I really wanted to thank Hockey ACT, ACTAS and Chill for everything they have done for me. I am really thankful for the support Canberra has given me and to not be able to play for the Chill this year is disappointing, but it’s the struggles of trying to play in a professional league as an amateur. The reality is that it’s just easier to play with Perth.”

Hockey ACT CEO Rob Sheekey added:

“We are incredibly disappointed to lose Daisy for this season, but we understand the position he is in. I would love to be able to pay our players so they don’t have to placed in this situation, but it’s just not the reality we face at present.

“Daisy is a wonderful player and has been amazing for the Chill, but most importantly he is an amazing person. His communication with us through the whole process has been first class and we can hope for nothing more from our players. We wish him nothing but the best and the door is always open if he wants to return home.”

James has played 50 games for the Lakers and Chill, scoring 16 goals, 8 of which came last season.

Canberra Chill player #44, Laura Reid will play for the NSW Pride in 2023. Laura has played 32 games for the Strikers and Chill also scored 16 goals for Canberra.

“Laura’s situation is a little different, we understand her goals and Laura is doing what she feels is necessary to reach those goals. Laura is a great person and I hope she is able to achieve her goals” said Sheekey.

Laura Reid spoke kindly of the Canberra Chill and their help in her move to New South Wales

“Thank you to Hockey ACT for their ongoing support on my journey. I’ve been with ACT since I was 15 and without this state, I would not have achieved the level of success I was fortunate enough to have.

“While I am exploring another path, ACT have made the transition an enjoyable process and have made me feel safe in the future prospects of returning if that is ever on the cards.

“I look forward to the possibility of returning in the H1 finals and showing the country what I already know this state offers.”